10 common reasons people do not take action
10 common reasons people do not take action

1. Lack of self confidence

Lack of self confidence

Sometimes it happens that when someone is talking to you and they start sharing all their powerful knowledge and you feel that not everything makes sense. When two people meet and one person has enormous knowledge, the other person thinks that this person must be smart.But they are wrong. Behind this person are most likely the struggles than you can ever imagine. The person must have gone through a lot to become a person who he/she is today. That is what we call confidence. Lack of self confidence might land a person in such a situation that he or she might have to give up, in spite of possessing the ability that is needed for that task. That is the major reason why people do not talk actions and stand up for themselves.

2. Obliging to only those opportunities which are given to them

Obliging to only those opportunities which are given to them

Some people think that the opportunities that are given to them are the only ones that they will ever get and there’s no such thing as creating your own opportunities in life. That seems impossible within the world they’re living in. We have been given the opportunity to make something of ourselves. When you go out in the world and create new opportunities, no matter how small they may be at first, do not hesitate.

3. Incapable of handling failures

Incapable of handling failures

You will see people jumping from one company to another and switching business from one to another. When they try a business and they do not see the result, they change and venture into another business or industry. Many people do not know how to handle their failures  and they do not have the zeal to goon. Working on something and then not seeing any result, people tend to give up and go on to chase something else. Failure is the stepping stone to success.

4. Too many goals and lack of focus

Too many goals and lack of focus

Another reason people fail to achieve their goals is that they try to handle too many things at a time. Never be a jack of everything and a master of none, instead be a master of everything and a slave of none. Start focusing your on the work that is the most important one. When you have many goals to achieve,you have to identify the most important one and concentrate all your effort to work on it. If you try to chase two squirrels at once, you will land up with none.

5. Lack of motivation

Lack of motivation

There are times when people don’t have the motivation and drive to take action and get results. This is a very normal thin g that happens to majority of the people. Well, one just needs to learn how to manage the drive. What should be done when you don’t feel motivated and encouraged? There are times when even the strongest person feels low and need motivation. so why not commoners like us. Motivation brings out the best in us and drives our capabilities to the greatest limits.

6. Not specific towards the goal

Not specific towards the goal

The most important reason people fail to reach their goal is because of their lack of specificity. When you someone what they want to do in their lives, they will give you general answers like they want to be successful, happy, rich and what not. No one will have a specific goal which will lead them to be successful, happy and rich.  General and vague goals will lead to vague results. If you wish have a stable career in any field, you need to understand what you exactly want to do with your life. Therefore, if your goals are not specific, you cannot create a specific action plan to reach them. So, first thing first. Set your goals straight.

7. Emotional pain

Emotional pain

Emotional pain will affect your decision to an extent more than what your brain tells you.The heart will override the mind because everyone wants to avoid heartbreak even more than they want to avoid physical pain.  Avoiding what is perceived as the worst pain of all i.e. death, the ultimate emotional decision comes down to survival.  People are made in a manner that they feel the urge to survive rather than thrive.  Humans are built to learn how to survive, instead of being built for success. 

8. Victims of other people's opinion

Victims of other people's opinion

People always tend to listen to other people's opinion, although it is not wrong always, but advisable to also reflect on their ideas on our own. For example, teachers in school always put emphasis on going to a renowned university so that you get a good job. But, what I personally feel is that when you feel it right in your heart then do not listen to others and follow what your heart says. The focus of this point is that you shouldn’t always listen to others opinions, no matter how much experience they may have. What worked for them may not work for you, and what they couldn't prosper at may make them envy you.

9. Doubt on one's ability

Doubt on one's ability

People very often have doubts on their goals and thus, they do not believe in their capabilities. They tend to imagine all the things that will go wrong and thus, are not able to set a goal for themselves. The fear of losing or of something going wrong is always in their heart. You will never tap into your maximum potential, when you have doubts and you do not believe in yourself. 

10. Perception of pain and pleasure

Perception of pain and pleasure

People fail to take actions because of their perception of pain and pleasure. It is in their mind that speaking up for something might land them into difficult situations.Thus, this fear of pain stops them from taking actions whether it be a workplace or college. The fear of losing their happiness and gaining pain is perceived in a wrong way. Thus, inhibiting them from deciding and taking actions for the wrong that has happened or is happening.


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