10 Most Active Volcanoes In The World
10 Most Active Volcanoes In The World

10. Sakurajima, Japan

Sakurajima, Japan

 Sakurajima that erupted in 1914 at Japan is considered as one of the serious volcanic threats of Asia. It was located on an island but 1914 eruption connected it with main land of Japan.During year 1914, it had various small explosions within eruption and since then it has been threat to people living on periphery of this active region.  

9. Mount Vesuvius, Italy

Mount Vesuvius, Italy

Mount Vesuvius is situated on the east side of Naples, Italy. It is considered as one of the oldest volcanic spot having destroyed 2 major cities of ancient times. It was last active in 1944 which took lives of 85 people in the surrounding. However it is well known for its destruction in around 79 AD. 

8. Mauna Loa – Hawaii

Mauna Loa – Hawaii

Mauna Loa is responsible for creating Hawaii Island in America. The volcanic eruption is known for its large coverage and volume. It is one of the oldest volcanic spot that has been erupting since 0.7 million years ago. It was last active in 20th century, 1984 .

7. Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi also known as mountain of fire was first active 10,000 years ago. It has been erupted more than 65 times since then. It is located on the border of Central Java and Yogyakarta.  The recent deadly eruption occurred in 2010 claiming more than 350 lives. Lakhs of people were relocated during its recent eruption.  

6. Ulawun, Papua New Guinea

Ulawun, Papua New Guinea

Being known as one of the highest and dangerous spot for volcanic eruption, Ulawun is one of the most active volcanoes in Papua New Guinea. The first recorded eruption of Ulawun was in the 18th century and henceforth there has been more than 20 eruptions since then. The last eruption in 1980 ejected ash in such a large amount that it destructed the area of more than 18 sq km around the spot.

5. Galeras, Colombia

 Galeras, Colombia

Galeras is one of the oldest geographic structures that have been active since 1 million year ago. The specialty of this mountain is that it remains active all the time since its first eruption and has only been inactive for about 10 years from 1978. This volcano is erupting every year of 21st century and has consumed life of many tourist and scientist.

4. Colima, Mexico

Colima, Mexico

Colima is the active volcano which is near Mexico City.  As the city falls in the area of active volcanic activities of Colima, It possesses more attention and is dangerous as about 9 million people are within the affected target of volcano.The most recent activity of eruption was noticed in the year 2016 in which most of the people were moved to safer side.

3. Taal Volcano, Philippines

Taal Volcano, Philippines

Taal volcanic eruption is about just 1000 feet but is so dangerous that it has many devastating eruptions in history. One of them that took place in 1910 took life of more than 1300 people.However it still resembles one of the most aesthetic beauties of nature because the volcano is within a lake. It has been a famous tourist spot attracting people to see its beauty.

2. Mount Nyiragongo, Democratic Republic of Congo

 Mount Nyiragongo, Democratic Republic  of Congo

It is an active volcano located in the national park of Congo. Volcano is in radius of 2 km crater and consists of a lava lake. The density of lava is so thick that it is known for its voluminous lava in history. It is one of most famous spot of Africa and is responsible for 34% eruption in the African continent. The lake lava is almost all time active.

1. Yellowstone Caldera, United States of America

Yellowstone Caldera, United States of America

The magma lying under this volcano is so deadly that it makes the Yellowstone caldera most active and deadliest volcano of the world. It is considered as super volcano. It has almost 2000- 3000 earthquakes every year and scientist could not find solid reason behind this. It is known as super eruption volcano which would easily kill 80,000 people if it erupted.


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