Interesting facts about Isaac Newton
Interesting Facts About Isaac Newton

1. Newton was said to be born on Christmas day, despite being born on January 4

Newton was said to be born on Christmas day, despite being born on January 4

The Gregorian calendar had not been adopted by England at the time of Newton's birth. Newton was born in 1643 and England adopted Gregorian calendar int 1752. As per records, Newton was born on Christmas and baptized on New Year's Day.When the Gregorian calendar was finally adopted by England, only 14 days adjustment was needed and this made January 4 as Newton's birthday. This is why, it is said that despite being born on January 4, Newton was said to be born on Christmas day.

2. His survival was a miracle

His survival was a miracle

Newton was born 11 to 15 weeks early which was quite premature. His mother said that he could even fit in a quart-sized cup when he was born.  He survived a premature birth and also the hardships of life.

3. Newton disliked his step father

Newton disliked his step father

Newton was a person who made lists about his secrets,confessions and work. One of his preserved lists included all of the sins he felt he had committed up until the age of 19. One sin was, "Threatening my father and mother to burn them and the house over them.". Isaac's mother remarried when he was three years old and he was not asked whether he wanted a father. He was never a part of that marriage and little Isaac was sent to live with his grandmother. Thus, he had a disliking towards his stepfather from the beginning.

4. Newton almost became a farmer

Newton almost became a farmer

Newton was born in a poor family and his father died 3 months before his birth. His mother kept telling him to go to the family farm after returning from school. This happened when Newton was of age seventeen. He did pay heed to his mom’s order but he was proved to be an awful farmer. Eventually,his uncle managed to convince his mother to allow him to join Cambridge’s Trinity College. Newton's farmer story is something people can relate to i.e. when someone is forced to do something against their will and the other road proves to be their true destiny.

5. Newton's journey to Trinity College

Newton's journey to Trinity College

Newton could have never joined Trinity College if his mother never remarried. Newton belonged to a poor family and unfortunately, his father died 3 months before his birth which made life for his mother even worse. Later,his mother decided to remarry just to improve the financial conditions of her family. Then life became somewhat stable for her, so she could afford sending Newton to Trinity College.

6. Newton invented the cat flap

Newton invented the cat flap

Along with other inventions and discoveries, Newton is also credited for inventing the cat flap. A cat flap or a cat door is a small door within the door for a cat or any pet to enter the house. The amusing fact is that Newton made a large door for the cat and a smaller one for her kittens. He did not realize that the kittens could use the larger one. Newton’s biographers reported that“neither a cat nor a dog were in his chamber” but,  it has been verified that there were two holes of the size of a cat and a kitten to pass through. Thus, verifying the fact that he owned pets.

7. Newton's obsession with alchemy

Newton's obsession with alchemy

Newton was deeply into alchemy and studies related to it.  Alchemy is nothing but a pseudoscience which deals with the study of converting lead and other base metals into gold. Newton wrote 169 books on it, even though none of them were ever published. They could not be published during his lifetime because making gold and silver was considered a felony, under act 1404. Thus, in spite of this prohibition, Newton still continued his study on alchemy and wrote books on the same.

8. The apple story

The apple story

The story said that many of us believe is that Newton was struck with the idea of gravity when he saw a falling apple while walking around his family's garden at Woolsthorpe. Some even claim that the apple fell on his head. But, Newton himself said that he was staring out of the window when he saw an apple fall from a tree. There are many versions of how he came up with the gravitational force theory but the one where the apple fell on his head is considered to the true one.

9. He never published his research work

He never published his research work

It was not commonly known that the majority of Newton's discoveries were made between his twenty-first and twenty-seventh years. He never disclosed his findings to the world even years later. For example Newton's work on optics. He proposed that ordinary white light is actually composed of a spectrum of colors. This theory on the nature of light was done by 1669 and then Newton was just 27 years old. When he was elected as a fellow, he first presented his findings to the British Royal Society three years later.

10. Newton was religious but didn't believe in spirits

Newton was religious but didn't believe in spirits

Newton was unorthodox and he did not believe in spirits and ghosts. He was deeply religious but he had his own theory about demons and spirits. Newton claimed that people feared demons because they created them by their own imaginations. He also wrote a thesis debating against the Council of Nicaea and the Church's doctrine on the Holy Trinity. Newton never published this thesis in his lifetime as he felt that it would be never accepted by the public. But still it was published 27 years after his death. 


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