Interesting facts about Muhammad
Interesting Facts About Muhammad

1. Prophet Muhammad : A camel boy

Prophet Muhammad : A camel boy

Prophet Muhammad was born as an orphan as his father died before his birth. His mother passed away in Mecca when he was just 6 yrs old.Then he worked as a camel boy on the trade convoys to Damascus. He was left all alone by himself on the borders of life. He was a descendant of the Prophet Ismail, the son of Prophet Ibrahim. He continued his journey and grew up to be a man of good words, truth and justice.

2. A genuine family man

A genuine family man

Prophet Muhammad married at the age of 25 years to Khadija who was a widow of 40 yrs. Khadija was his employer and she proposed to him. It was a monogamous marriage and it lasted 24 years until her death. All his later marriages were a diplomatic alliance just made to secure his base as a leader. He had five children with Khadija but none with his later wives. Prophet Muhammad would assist his wife in the housework  and he used to also fix his clothes himself. These qualities of Prophet Muhammad clearly show that he was a man who considered his family as his priority.

3. Muhammad and his followers

Muhammad and his followers

Prophet Muhammad had a good personality. He had fair skin and jet black hair. Prophet Muhammad loved archery. The prophet Muhammad (Salallahualayhi wasallam) loved archery. He was fond of cats and his favorite colors were green and white. Prophet Muhammad loved black seeds and he also enjoyed the sport of wrestling, which he often did with his peers. Prophet Muhammad was one of kind with a great personality.

4. Muhammad and his followers

Muhammad and his followers

Prophet Muhammad created an alliance to establish fair commercial dealing. He, along with various other Meccans, started a collaboration known as Hilf al-Fudul. The alliance plays an important role in Islamic ethics because of Muhammad’s role in its formation. It has helped build a fair trading system. Due to Prophet Muhammad's initiative, the alliance has a significant role in Isalm.

5. Constitution of Medina

Constitution of Medina

The Constitution of Medina was also called as the Charter of Medina. It was outlined by the Prophet Muhammad in 622 CE right after his arrival at Medina. It was a constitution of  an agreement between the various groups of Muslims, Jewish, pagans, and Christians in Medina which declared them to constitute as one nation. The charter then formed the basis of an Islamic state in Medina.

6. Mythical journey

Mythical journey

It is believed that Prophet Muhammad  completed a mythical journey to heaven and back in one night described as Isra and Mi’raj.  Isra is the first part of the journey and Mi’raj is the second part of the journey. The first part is the one in which herode the winged horse known as Buraq to a mosque and had a discussion with other prophets namely Jesus, Moses, etc. In the second journey, he rode to heaven and spoke to God.

7. Fought for women's rights

Fought for women's rights

Prophet Muhammad instituted certain reforms in the 7th century. These reforms did not exist even in the West until the early 20th century. These included end of the honor killings,woman’s approval being taken before her marriage, women’s right provided to own a  private property and also to get a unilateral divorce. He also supported re- marriages for widow and divorcee women. The Prophet also supported women education. He proudly stated that  “learning is obligatory upon every Muslim man and woman” and that “he who gives the best upbringing and education to his daughters shall enter paradise.”

His immense support for women proved his truthfulness and his dedication and determination for making the world a better place.

8. Muhammad had no successor

Muhammad had no successor

Prophet Muhammad passed away from this world without appointing a successor. Many considered it important that in the absence of a son, who will take the legacy ahead. His illness lasted for 10 days. Prophet never made his wishes clear to anyone and so it remained a mystery. Some believers say that it is  the reason behind the division between Sunni and Shiite that exists even today.

9. Prophet Muhammad’s true legacy

Prophet Muhammad’s true legacy

Prophet Muhammad’s true legacy was the Quran and Sunnah. These were the guiding light for the generations ahead. According to Prophet’s brother-in-law named Amr Ibn Al-Harith, he left behind a piece of land after he passed away. He had dedicated the generous giving for the good of the community. He was the last prophet according to the prediction and it was said that his teachings were pure and his words were true. The Holy book Quran was later compiled with his words of righteousness and wisdom.

10. Muhammad: The last prophet

 Muhammad: The last prophet

He is the last prophet that God sent to mankind and it was said that there won’t be any prophet after him until the Day of Judegment. He was the descendant of prophet Ismail, the son of prophet Ibrahim . He was mentioned in the Bible as the coming prophet:Deut.18. “I will raise up a prophet like you from among the brethren and will put my words in his mouth and he shall speak them all that Icommand.” His prophet hood lasted for 23 years, during which he received revelations from God. His death revelations were later compiled as a Holy book called Quran.


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