Interesting facts about Sweden
Interesting facts about Sweden

1. Origin and History

Origin and History

Sweden is the third largest country in Europe after France and Spain and it is one of the homelands of the Germanic ethnicity and culture.The Swedish Vikings appear in the history of Sweden in the ninth and tenth century. They invaded the country and settled in various parts of Eastern Europe, thus finding the country Russia. Talking about the sports history,Sweden had won 588 Olympic medals which has been achieved by only six countries so far namely the USA, the USSR, Italy, France, Germany and the UK.

2. Infrastructure and construction

Infrastructure and construction

The largest shopping mall in Europe is located in  Nordstan in Gothenburg and it consists of 180 shops and 150 offices on an area of 320,000 square meters. The world's largest hemispherical building is the Stockholm Globe Arena, which has a diameter of 110 meters, an inner height of 85 meters, and a total volume of 600,000 cubic meters. It is the world's largest scale model of the Solar System. The world's largest palace is the Royal Palace of Stockholm, which has a total area of 658,850 sq feet.One of the interesting fact is that it is a little larger than the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg and a bit smaller than the Palace of Versailles in France.

3. Swedish Culture

Swedish Culture

Swedish culture can be well described as environmentally inclined, nature-loving, traditionally rich and very attractive. Sweden is one of the world's most modern country, yet it does not fail to surprise the world by its tradition celebrating seasons. There are numerous events dedicated to these festivals, where food is the central part of these festivities. While countries around the globe celebrate various religious and holy days, Sweden has many festivals dedicated to food. Festivals like waffle day, cinnamon bunday and an entire season for cream bun and gooey almond paste day.

4. Economy, law & politics

Economy, law & politics

Sweden has the highest number of women lawmakers in the world which accounts for 47% female parliamentarians. Also, Sweden is the first country to grant suffrage for married women for local elections. It is looking forward to be the first country in the world to phase out petrol for biofuel. Sweden has the highest number of nuclear plants per capita which is equal to ten reactors for 9 million individuals. Talking about the economy, this country has the highest V.A.T. rate in the world of 25% and the taxation amount comes up to 54.2% of GDP, which is the highest in the entire world.

5. Sweden's biggest export: Music

Sweden's biggest export: Music

The music industry in Sweden is so huge that music is one of the country’s biggest exports. Apart from ABBA, which is a household name, not many Swedes will be aware of any other musical band in Sweden. Swedish people are so musically inclined that even their language has a rhythmic quality.Though Avicii, Icona pop etc have given Swedish music more visibility, the lyricists and song makers have also produced priceless pieces of music. The Swedish government runs many state level music schools that encourage the youth to learn new forms of music.

6. Spring celebrations

Spring celebrations

Swedish people are more adapted to winter climate but they enjoy summer at its best. The summer is short around May to August and the summer solstice is the most important holiday on the Swedish calendar celebrated somewhere close to June 21.most of the summer vacations are five weeks or longer and activities like swimming, canoeing, hiking and camping are very popular. Spring is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fun among Swedish people.

7. Sweden: A green country

Sweden: A green country

Swedish people have high regards for their environment and thus maintain cleanliness around making it a sustainable place to live. Since the outdoor activities are enjoyed in all seasons, the Swedish people have a good reason for maintaining their rivers and keeping the forests clean and pristine. Sweden is the world's cleanest and greenest place and it is so much inclined towards recycling, reducing and reusing; that it imports waste from other countries when their own stock gets over. Despite of having a fairly complicated sorting system, Swedes have diverted most of their waste into recycling and incinerators rather than landfills.

8. Swedish workers: The happiest in the world

Swedish workers: The happiest in the world

Studies prove that Swedish workers enjoy most benefits in the world. They have a 6 hrs work-day which means the companies get the work done in 6 hrs as much as they do in 8 hrs. The worker's right legislation and union is still very prominent and holds great significance. Swedish workers have certain advantages like unemployment safety net which includes a good job, loss benefits, help finding new employment, long leave and vacation policies. In spite of Swedish companies cutting off certain benefits, the workers in this country still enjoy the best.

9. Science & Technology

Science & Technology

Swedish inventions are well known in the world; inventions like the pacemaker,astronomical lens, computer mouse, safety match, ultrasound to name a few. In the year 1943, the world-famous discount furniture chain IKEA was founded in Sweden. A lesser known fact about this amazing country is that it has the highest number of patents, with 271 patents per million people, which is much higher in comparison to any other European country. In terms of technological achievement, it ranks second in Europe. Sweden has achieved thirty Nobel prizes which include five Peace prizes and has the fifth highest number of laureates in the world.

10. Incognizant & amusing Sweden

 Incognizant & amusing Sweden


Certain facts regarding this country will blow one's mind away. Sweden believes so much in recycling and reusing that it imports 80,000 tons a year from Norway when it runs out of stock of rubbish. North Korea has to pay € 300 m to Sweden for around 1,000 Stolen Volvos. The amusing part is that Sweden sends them reminders every 6 months. The Swedes people love  Donald duck to such an extent that the government had to declare that voting for him is illegal. Every high school student is paid $187 per month to attend school. Despite the famous Swedish Ice Hotel being entirely constructed out of frozen water, it is now required by the Boverket National Housing Board to include fire alarms. Every blood donor in Sweden is sent a text message when a life is saved by their blood. Also, a sick leave is granted even if you are on a vacation. Now that makes Sweden a really interesting and an amusing place.


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